Why and how to joyfully move our butts around town, without mucking the place up.

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Concerns about the environment, health effects of burning fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions, energy security, oil supply, peak oil, land use, resource utilization and more are forcing us to reconsider the design of the transportation system. Many think we need a complete rethink of how we move our butts around town.

We're experiencing the greatest transformation in the transportation system since the early 1900's when gasoline powered cars first triumphed over electric, also replacing horse-drawn carraiges. Lithium battery chemistries have enabled electrified transportation to finally start to be practical both for vehicle performance and economically.

Collectively our society has over 100 years experience with gasoline powered transportation. We want to switch to electrified machines, but our society doesn't grok the ins-and-outs of doing so. That means most society members need some remedial education to understand their benefits.

Adopting electric cars on a large scale means changing our assumptions and social norms around "energy". It won't be normal to drive on gasoline, but we'll instead start driving on electricity. The implications are broad and deep.

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