100 Questions about Electric Vehicles

By David Herron

How far can one drive (or ride) an electric vehicle?

Every kind of vehicle has a limited range based on stored energy it carries on board. Gasoline vehicles carry only so many gallons of gasoline, limiting the driving range, and electric vehicles carry only so many kiloWatt-hours, again limiting the driving range. This question as written contains an embedded assumption that electric vehicles are limited while other kinds of vehicles are not.

Do electric cars have a separate battery or a starter motor like in combustion-engine cars?

Gasoline and diesel engines must be <em>started</em> before use, typically using a <em>starter motor</em> powered by the <em>starter battery</em>. With the 120+ years experience we all collectively have with those vehicles, we expect every car to have a starter battery and starter motor. So why do electric cars not have such a thing?

When will the car companies make a flat-towable electric car?

Gas cars can be "flat towed" and many like to flat tow cars behind an RV when on a trip. Most electric cars cannot be flat towed. It does not matter what kind of car it is, there is a simple requirement for flat towing any car without causing damage to the car.

When will electric cars be powerful enough to tow a trailer?

It seems many think that electric vehicles must be pitiful weak things, hardly able to leave the driveway much less handle a studly task like hauling a trailer. This is one of those times where reality is much different from stereotype.
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