Range Confidence: Charge Fast, Drive Far, with your Electric Car

By David Herron

What happens if an electric vehicle runs out of power in a city with no charging stations?

Unfortunately some cities have few or zero electric car charging stations. While the global charging network is rapidly being built, progress is uneven. One city might have a lot of public charging stations, while another has very few. What do you do, then, if you find yourself driving an electric car into a city with no charging stations?

Are there any cities that lack electricity? Electricity is available pretty much everywhere in these modern times. It's just a matter of accessing that electricity.

A city that lacks charging stations presents a similar problem to driving into other areas with no charging stations. The official way to charge an electric car is through a charging station. Does that lack of charging stations mean we're stuck and cannot drive an electric car to that area or to that city?

No. It just means acquiring some equipment and some knowledge. It means asking around to find an electric outlet, then plugging the equipment into that outlet to bring electricity to the car.

The equipment required is:

  • A portable high-power charging station where you can control the charging rate to match the available power outlet.
  • Extension cords and power adapters to match the likely power outlets you'll find.

The PlugShare map is a useful resource for finding EV-charging-friendly power outlets. Go into the Filter settings in the app, and select the Wall and NEMA 14-50 choices. This will show you regular power outlets that PlugShare users have reported as possible places to charge. You'll of course need a portable charging station, power adapters and extension cords to match the location.

More information is at: Can you drive an electric car away from charging network coverage areas?


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What happens if an electric vehicle runs out of power in a city with no charging stations?

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