Range Confidence: Charge Fast, Drive Far, with your Electric Car

By David Herron

Daily Driving and longer trips on electricity - putting range confidence into practice

With a framework to develop Range Confidence in mind, we need to start putting these ideas into practice. One step to truly "own" range confidence is practical knowledge of how electric car charging works, and our options.

In part selling people on Range Anxiety relies on a lack of knowledge of electric vehicle charging practicalities. It's easier to convince someone of a danger when they don't know the truth. But once someone has a clear experience of the truth, then it's much harder (or even impossible) to become afraid.

We collectively have over 100 years of history as a society using gasoline as a vehicle fuel. Over that time our society developed communal knowledge about gasoline and cars. As we collectively switch from gasoline to electricity as the primary fuel, we must collectively educate ourselves about the best ways of using electricity as a fuel.

Maybe that was too heady. The basic fact of driving electric is that we must start relearning what we thought was normal about driving.

Over the next few sections we'll dive into electric car charging knowledge. This will help you better understand what's going on, and how to best use your car and the charging networks.

How far do you drive in a typical day? This seem irrelevant except this factoid will help you choose an electric car with the driving range you need, and to choose a home charging station compatible with your needs. Typical daily driving needs, on electricity

Making full use of your electric car means driving it as much as possible. In turn that means using public charging. How to charge an electric car when away from home

What are the optimum driving/charging patterns for your daily driving? Will you need to charge at work, or to charge along the way during a trip? Electric vehicle charging scenarios

Examples make the theory real. It is great to read theory, but until you can put it into practice that's all it is. Surprisingly it is possible to make inter-city trips in several areas of the USA even with incomplete charging infrastructure. Example longer trips with electric cars - putting range confidence into practice

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Daily Driving and longer trips on electricity - putting range confidence into practice

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