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Zapworld and their electric vehicles (Xebra, etc)

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This info is really old, and I originally published it before 2005. Zapworld has since gone through a bankruptcy, rebirth, then partnering with a Chinese vehicle manufacturer so deeply that the American end of Zapworld is completely gone and is totally subsumed into the Chinese company.

ZAP has had a long history of providing electric vehicles, beginning with the ZAP bicycle kit and the Zappy scooter. For what it's worth, I've owned both of those. More recently ZAP has merged with a car dealership and is concentrating on importing vehicles rather than designing their own.


(zapworld.com) zapworld.com/cars/epod.asp Zap ePod, the human-electric hybrid vehicle. The ePod is what they call a velomobile, it's basically a recumbent bicycle with a fiberglass shell around it. You can pedal and/or use the electric drive.

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles

(zapworld.com) zapworld.com/cars/intimidator.asp Intimidator LUV, is a tiny two-seater car. It gets 25 miles per hour speed and a stated range "up to 50 miles".

(zapworld.com) zapworld.com/cars/worldcar.asp Worldcar LUV, is a similarly tiny car to the Intimidator. It has the same speed and range claims.

(zapworld.com) zapworld.com/cars/trio.asp Trio, is a three-wheeled electric vehicle. They claim a 40 mile range, but give no claims to the speed. It isn't yet available, but expected to be sellable in October 2005. UPDATE: It's now mid-October and the page now says availability is December 2005. Hurm. The Trio is now called the Xebra...

Zap (zapworld.com) zapworld.com/cars/xebra.asp Xebra home page

Discussion group for the (autos.groups.yahoo.com) Xebra

Quickie capsule review by (autonet.ca) autonet.ca of the LA Auto Show, that said a few things about the Xebra. The reviewer thinks the driver is in an uncomfortable position.

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