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Honda EV Plus

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The Honda EV Plus was an all-electric car produced by Honda in the 1990's during the TBD [[[ EV Mandate Era ]]]. It had a distinction of being the first electric car from a major automaker to not use lead acid batteries. Specifically they used a Nickel-Metal-Hybrid battery pack, an act which later led to some controversy over the ownership of that battery chemistry.

Roughly 340 EV Plus models were produced and released. The EV Plus was taken out of production in 1999 when Honda announced the release of its first hybrid electric vehicle, the Honda Insight. (see (en.wikipedia.org) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_EV_Plus)

The EV Plus had an MSRP of $53,900, but Honda never allowed them to be sold, instead offering the cars on a 3-year, lease-only program for $455.00 mo. At the end of the TBD [[[ EV Mandate Era ]]] Honda (along with Ford, GM and Toyota) recalled the EV Plus and most of the cars were crushed and shredded. The movie Who Killed the Electric Car (see TBD [[[ Essential movies about electric cars, electric motorcycles, and green transportation ]]]) included a scene where a TV News reporter stumbled upon a brand new condition EV Plus at a car crushing yard about to be crushed and shredded.

EV Plus Specs

  • Track Front/Rear: 59.1 in/58.7 in (1.50 m/1.49 m)
  • Drive Train: Front Wheel Drive
  • Occupants: Four
  • Voltage: 288 V
  • Motor: DC Brushless
  • Power: 49 kW (66 hp)
  • Transmission: Single Speed with Reverse
  • Battery (12 V X 24 = 288 V) NiMH
  • Charger: On-board Conductive with AVCON connector
  • Recharge: 8 hours with 220 V charger, 35 hours with 110 V emergency charger.
  • Acceleration: 4.9 s (0-30 mph)
  • Maximum Speed: 80+ mph (130 km/h)
  • Range: 100 miles or 160 km (80% discharge) under ideal conditions. EPA Rated to 120 miles (190 km) range (UDDS).
  • Lease Cost: $455/mo for 36 mo. (including comprehensive collision, all maintenance and roadside assistance)
  • Colors: dark green, bronze, silver

Pictures of the EV Plus

Charging port on the rear of the car

The working part of the charging port, along with a fuel gauge bar

The motor compartment

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