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Electric Cars produced in the EV Mandate Era

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In the early 90's California enacted legislation requiring a certain percentage of cars sold each year be [[[ Zero Emissions Vehicles ]]]. The purpose was to clean up horrible air quality, especially in the Los Angeles area which, due to geographic conditions and the over-dependance on cars, has a tremendous pollution inputs with no where for the pollution to blow away. The legal requirements led to a period in the late 90's we now call the [[[ EV Mandate Era ]]] where the car companies built several electric vehicles, while complaining they did so under duress of an imposed mandate from the government to do so.

These cars were the TBD

  • Honda EV Plus
  • [[[ Toyota RAV4 EV ]]]
  • [[[ GM's EV1 ]]]
  • [[[ Chevy S10 Electric ]]]
  • [[[ Ford Ranger EV ]]]
  • [[[ Nissan Altima ]]]
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