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  • How do I charge or refuel an electric vehicle? Every kind of vehicle must be refueled or eventually they run out of power. A gasoline or diesel vehicle must be driven to a petrol/gasoline station, and refueled there. Electric cars do not require gasoline or diesel, so where are they refueled and how is refueling accomplished? Do you plug the electric car into a regular power outlet to recharge?
  • How far can one drive (or ride) an electric vehicle? Every kind of vehicle has a limited range based on stored energy it carries on board. Gasoline vehicles carry only so many gallons of gasoline, limiting the driving range, and electric vehicles carry only so many kiloWatt-hours, again limiting the driving range. This question as written contains an embedded assumption that electric vehicles are limited while other kinds of vehicles are not.
  • What is an Electric Vehicle? An electric vehicle is powered by electricity. Somehow that simple fact does not answer the confusion over what electric vehicles are. Some think that because a hybrid car (e.g. Toyota Prius) has an electric motor, it is electric, when it is not. After 100+ years of all vehicles being powered by gasoline or diesel, we all need to wrap our heads around the fact that the energy for our vehicles can come from other sources.
  • What is the difference between a Plug-in Hybrid and an All-Electric battery-electric vehicle? There are two kinds of plug-in electric vehicles, the plug-in hybrid and the all-electric or battery-electric vehicle. The difference between them is primarily in how far you are willing to go to divorce yourself from gasoline. The plug-in hybrid (or PHEV) still relies on gasoline, and uses gasoline to implement long range driving, while the all-electric vehicle uses no gasoline, and therefore relies on fast charging for long range.
  • Where can I buy an Electric Vehicle (bicycle, motorcycle, car)? It's not like you can just buy an electric vehicle at any old dealership, is it? Regular car dealerships do carry electric cars, and it is possible to just go to a dealership plunk down money and drive away in an EV. This was not always the case, as there were many years those of us wanting an electric car had to build our own. Buying an electric bicycle or electric motorcycle is a little trickier since they are not so widely distributed.