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An EV1 was resurrected against all odds

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When GM crushed the EV1's, a few were kept from being crushed. Some of them were put in museums or universities. In every case GM made the recipient sign an agreement and to rip out boards and cut wires and so on. This video shows one person describing how they resurrected a GM EV1.

Resurrected EV1 comes to SEVA Meeting

Of the original 1115 GM EV1s only 40 or so still exist. These were severely disabled by GM and given to universities and museums. A few more may still exist as part of GM's fool cell research projects. In Early December of 2007 one of them was resurrected, making its first public appearance Dec 8th at Renewable L.A., and then a few days later at the Seattle chapter of the Electric Auto Association's monthly meeting on December 11th.

The 1997 PbA (Lead Acid) EV1 was reanimated by university faculty, students, EV Bones, and Pv's donated Tech2 scanner! Mike, a retired instructor made sure to mention that the car was a part of their ongoing Hybrid project as GM stipulated that the EV1 must not be used as an EV as part of their agreement when donating it to the school.

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