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  • A Roadmap to Climate-Friendly cars: 2013 (Climate Central): A report attempting to calculate full life-cycle environmental impact of manufacturing and driving electric cars, but ending up with a slanted picture saying Hybrids are cleaner than Electrics.
  • Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown signs climate change law extending cap-and-trade for 10 years :

    California Governor Jerry Brown today signed significant climate change legislation, AB398/AB617. Part of what happened is the extension of a law originally signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger 10 years ago. With AB398, we have a Cap-And-Trade program that is an attempt at economic pressure to solve for climate change. With AB617, certain gasses are defined as air pollutants and toxic chemicals.

    What follows is the text of the legislation.

  • Ford Receives 2018 Hypocrisy Award for Promoting Innovation and Sustainability While Colluding With Trump to Undo Climate Safeguards
  • Gigantic Antarctica glacier melting at alarming rate: Russian scientists studying the Mertz Glacier in Antarctica expected the glacier to extend over 500 feet below the ocean surface. This glacier extends over 40 kilometers out over the ocean, and of course would normally have ice extending well below the surface. They sent a robotic submarine to explore the glacier, found the water to be warmer than expected, and the sub-surface portion of the glacier to be riddled with caves.
  • Trump Administration set to destroy Obama-era climate-environment-protection policies: The Obama Administration put in place many regulations and laws protecting the environment, and working to mitigate climate change. Since his inauguration, the Trump Administration has seemingly been focused on one thing -- gutting President Obama's legacy. Today they went after those clean energy and environmental protection policies. The Executive Order issued today is a litany of bad ideas and policy regarding the environment and energy policy. The list of reasons for the world to abandon fossil fuel consumption is too long to list here.
  • Trump chooses sworn enemy of EPA to lead EPA: President-elect Trump's transition team chooses a rabid climate-change denier to destroy the EPA. Their pattern has been to appoint to certain departments or agencies those who've most viciously attacked those organizations. It's looking like the plan is to destroy certain agencies. Of course Presidents Reagan and Bush43 did the same - for example appointing Bolton to be the UN Ambassador.