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Where to find used electric vehicles & EV Conversions

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Since electric vehicles are a rare commodity, and the people actively searching for electric vehicles are also rare birds, there are a few very specialized places in which to find electric vehicles you can buy.

Electric Vehicle Association of Washington DC: (www.evadc.org) http://www.evadc.org/for_sale.html

Oregon Electric Vehicle Association: (www.oeva.org) http://www.oeva.org/forsale/

Electric Auto Association, Silicon Valley Chapter: (eaasv.org) http://eaasv.org/forsale.html

(drivelectric.com) http://drivelectric.com/Used_Berlingos.htm (London, England)

Professional Sales and Support of the Chevrolet S-10EV, Battery Electric Vehicle - (evbones.com) http://evbones.com/

EV Tradin' Post: (www.austinev.org) http://www.austinev.org/evtradinpost/

EV Finder: (www.evfinder.com) http://www.evfinder.com/classifieds.htm

EV Trader: (www.evtrader.com) http://www.evtrader.com/modules.php?name=NukeC

TH!NK Neighbor forum: (d1jlserver.dnsalias.net) http://d1jlserver.dnsalias.net/4dsonly/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl

The Electric Auto Association keeps a comprehensive list here: (www.eaaev.org) http://www.eaaev.org/eaaevsforsale.html (some of their links are stale)

Commercial builders: These following are not places to buy used electric vehicles. They're just being listed here until I find a better page to list them.

(www.universalelectricvehicle.com) http://www.universalelectricvehicle.com/ - Is planning to produce new EV's but is not in the market yet.

(www.evader.us) http://www.evader.us/ - is making electric motorcycles today

(www.canev.com) http://www.canev.com/ - Canadian Electric Vehicles, a conversion shop it seems

(www.acpropulsion.com) http://www.acpropulsion.com/ - Makers of the tZero sports car

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