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Commuter Cars - Tango

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Commuter Cars has been working on their Tango car for years. It's a great looking car, if a little oddball. However like the previous attempts to creating companies to produce electric vehicles, this is taking a long time to go from concept to production.

But, let's talk about the car.

Commuter Cars home page: (www.commutercars.com) http://www.commutercars.com/

As of this writing they describe three models, two of which have yet to be designed. The T600 is an expensive car delivered as a mostly-assembled kit (requiring 1 day for final assembly) whose spec's read like a rocket.

  • Acceleration 0 to 60 MPH, about 4 seconds. 1/4 mile time about 12 seconds at a speed of approx. 120 MPH (See note.)
  • Top Speed 150 MPH

The speed in the T600 comes from the Zilla controller running 2000 amps at 300 volts. Meaning, that at peak power throughputs you'll be seeing 600 kilowatts of electricity flowing to the motors. Yeeeehaw!

The T200 and T100 are said to have lesser spec's even though these vehicles haven't yet been designed.

The oddball part of this car is the overall shape. It's narrow, narrower than a Honda Goldwing as they keep saying. It seats two people in tandem. Being narrow you could fit two of them side by side in a lane, and you can park two of them per normal parking space.

According to (www.electrifyingtimes.com) Electrifying Times the first of the T600's has been delivered to George Clooney, the actor. I guess as an actor he has more money than God and can afford the eye popping price tag. Me, I'll have to wait a bit.

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