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Texas proposals for electric vehicle taxes and fees

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Lawmakers Considering Fees on Electric Cars (www.texastribune.org) http://www.texastribune.org/2013/01/22/lawmakers-looking-fees-electric-cars/

Texas Also Considers Taxing Electric Vehicles (www.torquenews.com) http://www.torquenews.com/1079/texas-also-considers-taxing-electric-vehicles

Texas among states considering alternative tax on electric cars that avoid gas tax, would use GPS to track miles driven [UPDATED] (techblog.dallasnews.com) http://techblog.dallasnews.com/archives/2011/03/texas-among-states-considering.html

Rep. Linda Harper Brown (R-Irving) had introduced HB 1669, "Relating to the establishment of an electric motor vehicle mileage fee pilot program by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles." The bill would, as the title suggests, create a pilot program for testing a mile-based tax for electric cars, and says mileage could be measured either by a periodic manual check (most likely during annual registration, which I think is perfectly reasonable) or from "a device installed in the vehicle that electronically reports the number of miles traveled." Not cool.

HB 1669 - (www.legis.state.tx.us) http://www.legis.state.tx.us/BillLookup/History.aspx?LegSess=82R&Bill=HB1669

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