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Oregon Road User Fee Task Force

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In 2001 the Oregon Legislature formed a Road User Fee Task Force chartered with finding a revenue system to offset a drop in gasoline tax revenue from fuel efficient vehicles.

Oregon has had at least two pilot projects to test road user fee collection on a per-mile basis. In the latest pilot, 50 participants were paying a couple cents per mile and received a credit for any gas taxes paid at the fuel pump. They reported miles driven either with a smart phone application or a GPS device. Participants could also pay a flat fee. The variety of choices available was meant to get insight into which plan would be more attractive to electric car owners.

Draft legislation for the 2013 session of the Oregon Legislature would

  • Require payment of either a flat annual road usage charge, or a per-mile charge, with the system going into effect on July 1, 2015.
  • Those choosing to pay a per-mile charge will be able to request refunds based fuel taxes paid at the pump, or for miles driven on private property.
  • Requires the Oregon DOT to create methods for reporting vehicle miles driven. In the pilot project they used a box connected to the OBD-II port.

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