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Michigan 2013 HB4608 adding registration fees for electric vehicles

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Adds $75/year to registration fees for electric cars, $25/year for PHEV's.

The bill would amend two sections of the Michigan Vehicle Code: Section 226, a section dealing with motor vehicle registrations; and Section 801, the section that establishes vehicle registration tax rates. The bill would make three substantive changes to the Michigan Vehicle Code. Specifically, the bill would:

  • Establish six-month registrations for motor homes.
  • Provide for a reduction in registration taxes for vehicles 10 years old or older.
  • Establish new registration tax rates for electric or alternative fuel vehicles.
Vehicle Registration Taxes � House Bill 4608 also establishes a new registration fee schedule for electric and alternative fuel vehicles. Specifically, the bill would increase the registration fee for vehicles powered solely or predominantly by an alternative fuel by $75.00 for vehicles 8,000 lbs. and less, and by $200.00 for vehicles more than 8,000 lbs. For vehicles partially powered, but not predominantly powered, by an alternative fuel, the bill would increase the registration fee by $25.00 for vehicles 8,000 lbs. and less, and by $100.00 for vehicles more than 8,000 lbs.
Note on the terms "tax" and "fee": The bill changes the term "tax" to "registration fee" throughout both Section 226 and Section 801.
Article IX, Section 9 of the 1963 Constitution directs that specific taxes on motor vehicle registration be used exclusively for transportation purposes. The terminology in the Michigan Vehicle Code is not consistent. Section 226 currently refers to "tax" five times and "fee" or "registration fee" seven times. However, since enactment of 2003 PA 152, which established the Transportation Administration Collection Fund (TACF), there has been an attempt to use the term "tax" in reference to the constitutionally dedicated registration taxes, and the term "fee" to reference Department of State service fees that accrue to the TACF.

HB4608 was introduced on April 23, 2013, was sent to committee, never made it out of committee.

Bill information: (www.legislature.mi.gov) Michigan Legislature website

Direct link: (www.legislature.mi.gov) Michigan Legilature website (PDF)

View in Google Docs: (docs.google.com) Michigan 2013 HB4608, and (docs.google.com) Michigan 2013 HB4608 Fiscal Analysis

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