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SoCal Edison Seeks $760M to Build 48,000 New EV Charging Stations

; Date: June 27, 2018

Tags: Electric vehicle charging

Southern California Edison filed a proposal with the California Public Utilities Commission Tuesday, seeking $760 million in ratepayer funds to install 48,000 additional electric-vehicle charging ports over four years. This is an expansion of SCE's existing Charge Ready program, that recently installed its 1000th charging station.

(www.greentechmedia.com) https://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/socal-edison-seeks-760m-to-build-48000-new-ev-charging-stations#gs.BKyCtqg

(www3.sce.com) http://www3.sce.com/sscc/law/dis/dbattach5e.nsf/0/2393DAED8E6B077F882582B800734ED4/$FILE/A1806XXX- SCE Charge Ready 2 Application.pdf

(www3.sce.com) http://www3.sce.com/sscc/law/dis/dbattach5e.nsf/0/FF9B6ED1A5CF14A6882582B800733A2C/$FILE/A1806XXX-SCE-01-Charge Ready 2 Testimony.pdf

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