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  • "DRIVETHEARC" EV fast charging corridor breaks ground in Northern California From Monterey to Lake Tahoe, 50 New EV Fast Chargers to be Installed at over 20 Locations
  • A Metallica-loving ICE-hole forgets car in Toronto, blocking EV charging for 4+ days <p>This feel-good story about a guy finding his car after he forgot which parking lot he'd parked in has a dark side. His car was blocking an electric vehicle charging station for 4+ days. The news article doesn't talk about this, and the parking lot owner did nothing about this. The parking lot owner should have seen this gasoline car parked at the EV charging station and had it towed.</p>
  • BMW Group, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen Group plan joint venture for ultra-fast charging along major highways in Europe German car companies, plus Ford Motors, join together to promote a much higher charging rate for DC Fast Charging. So far the highest rate is Tesla's 120+ kiloWatt Supercharger. These companies propose a 350 kiloWatt rate for the Combo Charging System. Doing so would cut charging time to 10 minutes or so for a complete recharge, which would begin to support proper road trips.
  • ChargePoint Takes Over Management of GE’s Electric Vehicle Charging Network <p>GE has for a few years operated their own charging network. It wasn't widely recognized nor popular, but they were doing it. It makes sense that GE (a.k.a. General Electric) would get into such a business. The name of the company says it all, that GE's corporate purpose is anything to do with electricity. But, their charging station business and network was never very popular.</p> <p>GE selling its charging network to ChargePoint is likely part of a larger transformation underway at GE. According to current news reports, GE sold off its appliance division, most of GE Capital, is thinking to sell its "lighting" business, amid a general sell-off of "side businesses" so that GE can return to its "industrial roots".</p> <p>In other words, it would seem GE see's the charging network business as a "side business" it should jettison. If so, I'd suggest that to be short-sighted since electric vehicles are the future. Shouldn't GE be positioning itself to reap the rewards of the rise of electric vehicles?</p>