Why and how to joyfully move our butts around town, without mucking the place up.

Compressed Air Vehicles, AirCar's, AirPods & Compressed Air Engines

Compressed Air can run engines and was first used to run a vehicle in the 1840's. It has never been seen to be a practical sort of engine, but they are attractive due to their exhaust being pure air, and air is completely abundant. Compressed air cars use engines which are similar to gasoline engines, but with some tweaks so they work well with just air. There are no internal combustion, just air running through the engine making either pistons or rotary stuff turn.

The most well known company making compressed air vehicles is MDI, run by Guy Negre. They are based in southern France and have been working on compressed air vehicle design since the 1990's. They have designed several vehicles from the three seater AirPod to larger vehicles. However despite several promises they'd go into production soon, every plan for doing so has fallen through. The most recent was a deal with Tata which should have gone into production in 2010 but did not.

Other companies are in the market mostly selling just engines.