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A car that runs 200 miles on compressed air

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A focus on Guy Negre's plan for compressed air cars

Europe and the rest of the world are developing new technologies that will give them the economic edge in technology and products, as America unthinkingly erodes into a third world nation as our politicians who are beholden to fossil fuel companies, legislate for them to make billions of dollars. A car that runs on compressed air (that should be an American idea and benefit America's economy), is a French invention that orchestrates old technologies into a new chassis. Behold this newsworthy clip (that is not ready for U.S. corporate controlled prime time news or even political debate) edited from HD Theater, "The Future Car: Fuel". Just another example of how corporations who control our legislative and executive branches of government are misallocating our resources, treasury and wealth, to insure their short term wealth and global domination, as we deteriorate economically and do nothing to preserve our economic leadership. What is America doing with its "talents" (see Matthew 25:14-25:39)?


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