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The true actual purchase cost of a Tesla (Model S 70D)

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The Tesla Model S and Model X are high end luxury cars and therefore out of the reach of purchase by mere mortals. Is that actually true? This fellow bought a Tesla Model S 70D and breaks down the actual cost of ownership for us.

The first trick to decreasing the cost is to buy via Tesla's pre-owned car listings. The company has a stock of used cars which such as when an owner trades in their car for a newer model. These cars are checked by Tesla's service department, they come with a limited four-year warranty, and a lower price tag than a new car.

You can search here: (www.teslainventory.com) https://www.teslainventory.com/

Or here: (www.tesla.com) https://www.tesla.com/preowned

The cars are either CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) or Inventory models, the latter being loaner vehicles that Tesla Motors made available to customers whose car was in the shop.

List price for the car he bought - $90,777. Because it was an Inventory car, Tesla gave a $4,500 discount. Add in other discounts like the $7,500 federal tax credit, and total discount of $13,000, and a final price of $77,777.

About a year after purchase he asked Tesla Motors for the trade-in value. Tesla told him $52,000 or a $25,000 depreciation, working out to $1/mile driven.

Cost per month - $1462 that's including loan payments. Otherwise $161/month cost.

Source: (www.youtube.com) Teslavangelist

Full breakdown of the purchase and monthly cost of my Model S 70D, manufacture year 2015.Instagram.com/teslavangelistTwitter: @teslavangelistHave my videos c...

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