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Chip Yates takes electric superbike to the Mojave Mile, sets unofficial speed record

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These videos document their trip to the Mojave Mile where they achieved a 190 miles/hr top speed, establishing an informal speed record for electric motorcycles.

World's Fastest Electric Superbike - Mojave Mile!

On April 10, 2011, while busy preparing the world's most powerful electric superbike for the upcoming Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, the SWIGZ boys decided to pop over to Mojave Airport for the Mojave Mile Competition, where Chip Yates hit 190.6 MPH in only his second and final run, instantly becoming the fastest electric motorcycle in the world! Speeds of over 200 MPH for the superbike were predicted, but a faulty generator blew up the team's two charging systems so only two runs were possible.

Top Speed, Top Power Safety Check at 227 MPH!

The SWIGZ.COM Pro Racing Team returned to the dyno to do a high speed safety check and to put the full 240 horsepower of this awesome machine down to the dyno to be sure of no mechanical or drivetrain failures at high speed and high power. In this video we methodically run the bike up to 227 mph and everything is fine! Note that this top speed is on the dyno for safety checks - we do not claim the bike could go this fast on a track with aerodynamic resistance - we just wanted to be sure nothing flys apart at these kind of speeds!

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