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  • ABB delivers OppCharge fast charger for electric hybrid buses to Bertrange, Luxembourg ABB is a large international electrical system manufacturer, and among their extensive product line are several high quality fast charging systems. In this case they've developed a fast charger utilizing overhead wires. Unlike the electric buses fully powered by overhead lines, this unit is installed at specific points in the route. During the time the bus is stopped anyway (to give a break to the driver), the bus is fully recharged at 150 kiloWatts. The installation location is at a train station outside Luxembourg City.
  • BMW I Ventures announces strategic investment in Proterra <p>Proterra has been raising lots of investment capital the last few months. </p>
  • With 73-bus sale to King County, Proterra says electric buses are now mainstream <p>King County Metro, in the Seattle area, has announced they will purchase 73 Proterra electric buses. For its part, Proterra claims this is "the moment when batter-electric buses crossed over to mainstream acceptance." The advantage an electric bus brings is fuel cost reduction. The cost for electricity-as-a-fuel is lower than the cost of diesel-as-a-fuel in equivalent vehicles. The more the vehicle is driven, the greater the gain from fuel cost savings, and since city buses obviously drive a lot there's a big opportunity to save on costs. See <a href="/ev-ownership/economics/cost-per-mile-range.html"></a></p>