Why and how to joyfully move our butts around town, without mucking the place up.

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America 2050: (www.america2050.org) http://www.america2050.org/ -

A Better Tomorrow is America 2050's program to engage the public in creating a positive vision for the future of America built around investments in sustainable transportation and livable communities. America 2050 is creating and collecting visualizations of the future and launching a competition to elicit your vision of how people will get around in 2050 and your videos visualizing these improvements. (www.america2050.org) http://www.america2050.org/abettertomorrow/

Our inspiration for this goes back to the 1939 Word's Fair and the General Motors exhibit, "Futurama." GM's "Futurama" was a place in which all Americans had access to the benefits of a modern society via rapid automobile travel on interstate highways and a reorganized, suburban American landscape. No doubt, GM's vision helped build support among the 44 million people who attended the World's Fair from 1939-1940 for federal policies such as the National Defense Interstate Highway Act of 1956, which helped make the auto-oriented vision of "Futurama" a reality. (www.america2050.org) http://www.america2050.org/abettertomorrow/

Energy and Climate Change: America's response to the dual challenge of meeting its growing energy needs and responding to the threat of global climate change will define its ability to compete globally in the 21st century. America must holistically examine our existing electrical power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure, much of which still relies on antiqued 20th century technology. (www.america2050.org) http://www.america2050.org/energy_climate.html

Megaregions: As metropolitan regions continued to expand throughout the second half of the 20th century their boundaries began to blur, creating a new scale of geography now known as the megaregion. Interlocking economic systems, shared natural resources and ecosystems, and common transportation systems link these population centers together. As continued population growth and low density settlement patterns place increasing pressure on these systems, there is greater impetus to coordinate policy at this expanded scale. (www.america2050.org) http://www.america2050.org/megaregions.html

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