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Innov8 Transport's Electric Dual Mode Skyway

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This is what appears to be a small startup company developing some extremely longshot technology that may never get beyond concept. The concept is interesting however - a kind of elevated highway that contains a conveyor-belt system that can whisk cars or trucks along at over 130 miles/hr.

EDM-capable vehicles drive up a ramp to join the system, and they engage with the conveyor belt. Once on the system the driver can let go of the wheel and start doing other stuff like sleeping.

On Aug 12, 2013, Innov8 Transport put out a press release on the day that Elon Musk announced the Hyperloop system. They pointed out the similarities between the systems (which actually are not all that similar) and also claimed Elon Musk had met them on the day he announced he would be announcing Hyperloop details on Aug 12.

Here's some that should help to understand:

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