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Economic Viability of Electric Vehicles Report - 2011 - AECOM - Australia

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Economic Viability of Electric Vehicles - Prepared for Department of Environment and Climate Change - Prepared by AECOM Australia Pty Ltd

The key objective of this study is to assess the economic viability of plug-in electric vehicles for the NSW Metropolitan region and to identify market and economic conditions under which such vehicles provide a net benefit to society.

AECOM developed an economic model to assess viability and a vehicle choice model to forecast take-up of different engine configurations. The economic model considers the costs and benefits to infrastructure providers, consumers (in terms of vehicle purchase and operating costs) and externalities such as greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. The financial model considers the costs and benefits only to infrastructure providers and consumers.

The model shows that the plug-in electric vehicle market in NSW is both economically and financially viable. However, the economic and financial returns accrue over the longer term. The move towards a plug-in electric vehicle market also generates large savings in greenhouse gas and air pollution emissions.

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