Why and how to joyfully move our butts around town, without mucking the place up.

China as global leader in auto industry, electric vehicles, clean technology, global powerhouse

As China modernizes it is becoming the largest automobile market in the world.

GM, the largest automaker in the world, gets most of its sales in China.

China is just getting started with its car romance, and the rate at which they�re adopting vehicles is astonishing.

In 1999, there were just 15 million vehicles on the road in China, and only 6 million of those were cars. In the U.S., there were 216 million vehicles, of which 132 million were cars. By 2010, China had the world�s second-largest fleet at 78 million vehicles, and sales had climbed to 18 million a year, about half again as much as U.S. sales.