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Lithium battery management systems

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Orion BMS - (www.orionbms.com) http://www.orionbms.com/ - (based in Australia)

The Orion BMS implements an extensive list of features designed to protect the battery pack. These features include:

  • State of charge calculations.
  • Cell over-voltage and under-voltage protection.
  • Intelligent battery balancing (passive).
  • Battery charger control.
  • Pack temperature monitoring.
  • Monitors health of battery pack.

Cells are protected from over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, and under-temperature based on the programmed minimum and maximum values in the battery profile.

Lithiumate Pro - (elithion.com) http://elithion.com/lithiumate-pro.php -

  • Off the shelf, plug-and-play
  • For professional applications: commercial grade, metal case (not sealed)
  • Distributed (a cell board is mounted on each cell: measures voltage and temperature, balances the cell)
  • Minimum number of wires in HV pack, single wire to adjacent cell boards
  • For large packs: up to 256 cells (~ 900 V), in up to 16 banks
  • Supports all cell form factors, and most Lithium chemistries
  • Protects cells from over current, under/over voltage, under/over temperature
  • Dissipative (passive) balancing (top balance)
  • Sophisticated, digital technology: reports each cell's voltage and temperature
  • CAN and RS232 communications
  • Fully configurable, field programmable
  • Cable mount Hall Effect current sensor
  • Contactor drivers with recharge
  • Pack isolation loss detection (optional)
  • Compatible with most chargers, motor drivers

Mk3x8 - (www.manzanitamicro.com) http://www.manzanitamicro.com/ -

The MK3x8 is an eight channel Lithium Ion Regulator like our Mk3x4 four channel regulator. With the change from through-hole to Surface Mount we have been able to decrease the per cell price and shrink the size from 8x4 inches to 6.9x2.4 inches with twice the channels. It has the ability to run on as few as 4 cells and any number up to 8. The MK3x8 dissipates 2.5 amps per channel speeding up the eqaulization process.

  • Real time voltage monitoring of 4 to 8 lithium cells
  • Real time temperature sensing of up to 8 external temp sensors
  • Additional temperature sensor included on BMS module�s heat sink to prevent regulator from overheating
  • Small size is less than 1 inch thick and 7 inches long by 2.4 inches wide
  • Quick automatic cell equalization and balancing with high and low voltage on board indicators and outputs to the charger
  • Two high speed real-time warning lines which can be relay buffered for external use
  • All BMS modules connect together using readily available RJ cable
  • BMS easily connects to a PC using the DT USB adapter (Dongle/Terminator sold separately)
  • Free Windows based scanner and command software available for download at (www.manzanitamicro.com) www.manzanitamicro.com in the download section under MK3 Reg Support.
  • All commands are easily entered and read in simple ASCII text
  • Easy user adjustable min and max voltage parameters allow flexibility for various types of lithium cells from 1.75 to 5.5 volts per cell
  • Each BMS board can bypass up to 2.5 amps per cell equating to fast charging and equalization of unbalanced cells
  • Dual RJ reg bus ports for easy connection to the charger or other BMS units in a simple daisy chain fashion
  • Self regulating thermal protection and feedback to Manzanita Micro Chargers
  • Built-in active variable speed 12V DC fan control output on each BMS unit. The fan settings can be viewed and changed using the software found on our website
  • Large heat spreader is totally isolated from the cells and is already threaded for easy mounting to a larger heat sink.
  • Each unit can dissipate up to 110 watts

MiniBMS - (www.cleanpowerauto.com) http://www.cleanpowerauto.com/MiniBMS.html -

MiniBMS is a battery management system designed for LiFePo4 cells, used in Electric Vehicles. MiniBMS is designed to be reliable and cost effective solution; it has most basic functions, implemented via simple analog circuit and one wire signaling interface, which also allows easy installation and troubleshooting.

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