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  • 2017 Tesla Model 3 specifications
  • February 18 2017 Model 3 Updates, Bolt EV test drive -- Model 3 Owners Club: Reporting from an auto show in Canada, the guys review latest Model 3 news.
  • February 9 2017 Model 3 Updates and rumours? -- Model 3 Owners Club: To prepare for start of Model 3 production, Tesla Motors will do a short factory shutdown in order to install the necessary equipment (tooling, etc). This does not yet include the big Schuler Press that will produce the body panels. Model 3 Beta production should start by the end of the month. Supposedly a Model 3 with Ludicrous mode has been built that has a 0-60 miles/hr time of 2 seconds, but is unlikely to be a production car. Perhaps that performance level will wait for the Roadster 2.
  • New Supercharging rates and your Model 3, what to expect -- Model 3 Owners Club: In January, Tesla Motors instituted a new scheme for Supercharger access in newly purchased cars. The new scheme does not affect cars sold prior to that date, as those cars will have free Supercharger for life. Cars sold after that date receive a 400 kiloWatt-hour credit per year (about 1000 miles), awarded on the anniversary date of the delivery of the car. Unused credits are not rolled over to the next year. The amount will be tracked in your MyTesla account. Depending on location the fee will be either per-minute or per-kiloWatt-hour. The laws in some locales do not allow electricity sale and therefore supercharger usage must be charged per-minute. Future supercharger should support a 350 kiloWatt charge rate, going by an Elon Musk tweet.
  • Tesla Model 3 first impressions, videos from first time drives :

    Yesterday was Tesla Model 3 day, meaning it was the first deliveries of the Tesla Model 3. Expectations are HIGH for this car and what everyone expects Tesla Motors will do. While there were 30 cars delivered yesterday in Fremont, there was also a test-ride event where attendees were driven around a course on the Tesla Factory grounds. Several people who took those test rides filmed their experience.

  • Tesla Model 3 spoted 'testing' on I-280 near Tesla HQ: A blue Tesla Model 3 is filmed in the wild, if nothing else letting us know these things actually exist. Going by the road signs this is I-280 near Tesla's headquarters. Not much to say, but for those of us waiting to place our orders this is a good sign.
  • Tesla Prep For Model 3, Lucid Air PR, Self-Driving Bolt EV -- Transport Evolved Feb 10, 2017: To prepare for start of Model 3 production, Tesla Motors will do a short factory shutdown in order to install the necessary equipment (tooling, etc). Audi has been trash-talking Tesla Motors, claiming Audi will supply the first properly Premium Electric Car. Honda put out a strange fuel cell advertising campaign. Hyundai Ioniq beginning deliveries in USA, but with only 120 miles range probably cannot compete against Chevy Bolt. Because of Dieselgate, Volkswagen is launching its Electrify America plan with a website and a request for ideas. Nissan is in trouble for emissions of its Diesel powered vehicle. Lucid Air giving test drives to select people. The Tesla Model X can be easily accessed with just a screwdriver. Both Tesla and SpaceX joined a large group of Hi-Tech companies complaining about the Trump Administration Muslim travel ban. GM released a new video on progress towards a self-driving car. Electric car sales in the UK totaled 4.2% in January 2017.
  • Tesla Prep For Model 3, Lucid Air PR, Self-Driving Bolt EV -- Transport Evolved Feb 18, 2017: GM expands Maven car sharing to Los Angeles. Latest Tesla update provides real-time Supercharger status, preparing for an influx of more EV drivers. Adds data about congestion at upcoming supercharger stations so you can make additional plans. Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Sedan recalled for software glitch that's expected to be rare but wasn't found in testing. EV Sales in Norway, where electric car sales are extremely popular, top 37 percent of new car sales last month (January 2017). That's just 13% from bypassing the 50% sales level. Hyundai announces $29,500 entry-level price (MSRP) for 2017 IONIQ EV, and combined with tax incentives it is extremely affordable. Jason Hughes, a famous Tesla Hacker, hacks his Model S to make it 30% more powerful. Electric bus maker, Proterra CEO predicts one-third of all new busses will be electric in just four year’s time (by 2021), and by 2030 all such busses will be electric. Daimler announces their Smart brand will become an all-electric brand in the U.S., completely eschewing gasoline. Was Waymo’s Brain Drain caused by overpaying its staff? It seems Waymo's parent company (Google/Alphabet) paid those employees enough to make them independently wealthy, allowing them to leave to start their own self-driving-vehicle startups. Kia exec says NIRO EV will hit market in 2018. Mercedes-Benz starts small series production for Daimler Urban eTruck. A patient Bolt EV owner has driven their car 300 miles on a charge, or 70 miles more than the EPA rating.
  • Tesla raises cash for Model 3 launch, from Chinese company Tencent: Tesla Motors has to spend $2.5 billion before July to launch the Model 3. As with the Model S and Model X launches, Tesla Motors is going through deep cash burn for capital expenditures to build up capacity to launch the new model. Making ends meet requires selling stock to raise capital from investors. This time that included Tencent, a large Chinese company. That company is backing a self-driving-car startup, Nio. Tesla Motors is advanced into developing this technology of course, so does Tencent intend to drive a merger? Tencent spent $1.78 billion buying their stake in Tesla.