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  • The new Alpha-Romeo Tonale concept vehicle: electrification meets beauty and dynamism
  • What is the difference between traditional Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, or All-Electric battery-electric vehicles?: When I first heard of electric vehicles the difference between hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric vehicles didn't make sense. We're accustomed to one kind of vehicle, where you pour a liquid fuel like gasoline or diesel into a tank then roar off into the distance. But as we delve into electrified vehicles, we learn there are three kinds, and that there are significant differences and tradeoffs between them. Namely, how much of your driving will be powered by electricity, and whether that electricity does or does not come from the electric grid. Put another way, the difference is primarily in how far you are willing to go to divorce yourself from gasoline. The traditional hybrid, and the plug-in hybrid (or PHEV), relies on gasoline, and uses gasoline to implement long range driving, while the all-electric vehicle uses no gasoline, and therefore relies on fast charging for long range.