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  • This guy switched from homebrew EV conversion car, to Kia Soul EV, and isn't looking back The Kia Soul EV offers more autonomy, due to driving range and standard fast charging, than any other EV in its price range
  • Winter test of Kia Soul EV - Bjorn Nyland Bjorn Nyland, best known for his many videos about Tesla Model S ownership in Norway, recently tested the Kia Soul EV in Norway's harsh winter.
  • Wireless Charging System Developed On Kia Soul EV Kia and Mojo Mobility have jointly developed a wireless charging system offering charging speeds up to 10 kiloWatts, at 85% efficiency. Wireless charging does not require the car be plugged into a wired connection for charging, of course, simplifying the charging experience. Instead of transferring electricity over a wired connection, wireless charging uses electromagnetic fields to send electricity to a receptor coil mounted on the car. Five Soul EV's were used in the project, which saw real-world durability, safety and performance testing.