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  • This guy switched from homebrew EV conversion car, to Kia Soul EV, and isn't looking back: The Kia Soul EV offers more autonomy, due to driving range and standard fast charging, than any other EV in its price range
  • Winter test of Kia Soul EV - Bjorn Nyland: Bjorn Nyland, best known for his many videos about Tesla Model S ownership in Norway, recently tested the Kia Soul EV in Norway's harsh winter.
  • Wireless Charging System Developed On Kia Soul EV: Kia and Mojo Mobility have jointly developed a wireless charging system offering charging speeds up to 10 kiloWatts, at 85% efficiency. Wireless charging does not require the car be plugged into a wired connection for charging, of course, simplifying the charging experience. Instead of transferring electricity over a wired connection, wireless charging uses electromagnetic fields to send electricity to a receptor coil mounted on the car. Five Soul EV's were used in the project, which saw real-world durability, safety and performance testing.