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  • Deutsche Post and Ford to manufacture electric delivery van:

    Deutsche Post DHL Group and Ford have announced a plan to develop an all-electric delivery van for use in Germany.

  • Volvo Cars to supply tens of thousands of autonomous-drive-compatible cars to Uber:

    Eventually all vehicles must be electrified, including police cruisers. Ford is taking a step in that direction by offering a pursuit-rated plug-in hybrid sedan. This car is targeted at personell whose job does not require a pursuit-rated vehicle, though Ford also describes it as being pursuit-rated. There are a number of features for police officers, including "anti-stab plates" which would seemingly mean a metal plate in the driver seat preventing someone in the rear from stabbing the officer through the seat. Ford does have decades of experience in building police cars, and obviously understands what they need. Another interesting feature is a power export outlet in the trunk, presumably to run lights or other equipment off the traction pack without having to idle the gas engine.