Why and how to joyfully move our butts around town, without mucking the place up.

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Concerns about the environment, health effects of burning fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions, energy security, oil supply, peak oil, land use, resource utilization and more are forcing us to reconsider the design of the transportation system. Many think we need a complete rethink of how we move our butts around town.

We’re experiencing the greatest transformation in the transportation system since the early 1900’s when gasoline powered cars triumphed over electric. Lithium battery chemistries have enabled electrified transportation to finally catch up with gasoline, giving designers more vehicle design options.

What is Green Transportation? – It’s about a transportation that truly sustains our human society. The current transportation system degrades our environment and health in many ways.

How: Changing the drive train? Changing fuel types? Changing vehicle types? Wiser vehicle use? Mass transit?

Why: Global warming, environmental damage, Health damage, land use, Fossil fuel health risks

The current system gives us many benefits: economic fluidity, rapid transportation, individual freedom.

But it comes with many problems: Environmental degradation, Health degradation, Global warming, Loss of open space, Use of nonrenewable resources

The huge dominance of the oil age can make it seem futile to try and wean ourselves off fossil oil, but it is possible to end the age of oil.

It’s useful to analyze the effects of transportation as a well-wheel-air-water lifecycle, and to not only include environmental effects of transportation systems, but the land use impacts. All those roads and highways consume land.

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