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2010 TTXGP North America

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      • 2010 TTXGP North America
        • 2010 TTXGP North America at Infineon Raceway (now Sonoma Raceway) In 2010 the TTXGP ran series in Europe and North America. The first of those two series was this race, in May 2010 at Infineon Raceway. This first round, unlike the subsequent rounds, garnered a lot of attention from international press. The videos shown here document various aspects of that race weekend. One point of interest was the battle between the Lightning bike, and the Zero/Agni bike, since the Lightning bike was clearly the more powerful but the Zero/Agni bike was more agile. The clincher was the controller on the Lightning turned itself off, and Michael Barnes had to sit on the sideline for 45 seconds (an eternity during a race) to reset it. Even with that, he managed to snag 2nd place. Another point of interest was when the Norton bike, ridden by Thad Wolff, built from a vintage Norton Featherbed chassis. It turned in a very credible performance until a cotter pin broke causing the drive train to fail.
        • Motoczysz preparing for the 2010 TTXGP/e-Power at Laguna Seca By 2010 the TTXGP did not run at the Isle of Man, but was running a series in North America and Europe, while the FIM ran a competing race series in Europe. One event, the FIM e-Power event at Laguna Seca, allowed the European racers who'd raced in e-Power to meet and race against the North American TTXGP bikes. MotoCzysz did not participate in the 2010 TTXGP North America, but did come to the e-Power event.