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Kingston University at the 2009 TTXGP on the Isle of Man

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The initial TTXGP race, during the 2009 TT Week on the Isle of Man, had a huge profile. University teams were a major part of the TTXGP race, and the subsequent TTZERO races in the following years. This is a video diary of the Kingston University team. The videos start in the previous October, when the student team starts stripping the donor chassis, and then visit Steve Labib who had built an electric motorcycle. The bulk of the videos closely examines the design and build process. Unfortunately when it came to race day, the Kingston Univ bike did not finish because a brush in the motor vaporized.
30/10/08 - The Students strip the donor motorbike - A 1987 Honda NSR 250, which was donated to the project by a another student.
04/11/08 - Alex test rides Steve Labib's www.Jozzbikes.co.uk Electric Aprillia motorbike as a benchmark.
18/12/08 - Drew works on, and discusses some of the electrical systems on the motorbike
18/12/08 - Alex machines the Drive Shaft to connect the motor output shaft to the front chain sprocket. Dean makes adjustments to the Shaft bearing housing.
15/01/09 - Drew and Paul identify a problem with the electric throttle controller.
15/01/09 - Paul discusses the Kelly Controller RS232 configuration.
28/01/09 - Gonzalo and Paul put the motorbike on the Dyno. Alex takes it for a quick ride up the road.
28/01/09 - Alex takes the motorbike for a longer ride on the A3 main road. The bike shuts down after a few miles due to undervoltage.
28/01/09 - Second test run of the development motorbike on the A3 road in south west london.
28/01/09 - Alex and Paul discuss undervoltage, which caused the motorbike to shut down on the previous run.
10/03/09 - Alex makes adjustments to the motorbike gearbox. Mike decides what fairing will fit on the bike.
Paul explains the battery system
Footage of the TTXGP motorbike at the Presentation
highlights from Paul Brandons presentation on the electric motorbike they are entering into the TTXGP
19/05/09 - Paul, Alex and Dean look at lists of things to do. Alex fits new rear wheel.
23/03/09 to 19/05/09 - Dean manufacturers over 250 Bus Bars and Fuses for the battery packs for the motorbike
26/05/09 - Owen, Drew, Alex and Paul discuss a possible mounting problem on the motorbike.
26/05/09 - Dean, Alex and Paul work on the motorbike
5th & 6th June 2009 - George Spence rides kingstons TTXGP bike at Jurby Airfield, for about 30 laps.
5th & 6th June 2009 - George Spence talks about riding Kingstons TTXGP bike.
1st Qualifying session for TTXGP 2009 race on the Isle of Man.
1st Qualifying session for TTXGP 2009 race on the Isle of Man.
09/06/09 - The team discuss how the motorbike did in the first practice session. John Shimmen (minister for the envirnoment), and Michael Czysz chat with Paul Brandon
10/06/09 - Preparation for the 2nd Qualifying session. electric Motorbike
2nd Qualifying session for the 2009 TTXGP at the Isle of Man TT
10/06/09 - George brings the motorbike in after having problems with it cutting out over the mountain.
10/06/09 - The team discuss why the motorbike is cutting out intermitently, which they believe is caused by a safety/thermo sensor being too close to a hot air exhaust of the motor.
12/06/09 - Race day - Preparations, Scrutinearing, and the motorbike line up on Glencrutchery Road
George Spence rides Kingston University 2009 electric motorcycle in the TTXGP race at the Isle of Man TT
12/06/09 - Race Day - The team hear that the motorcycle has stopped, at the same time as Michael Czysz also finds out his bike has stopped. They get the bike back and do some initial diagnosis and find that the motor has broken.
August 2009 - Paul Brandon looks back , and summarises the teams experiences of building & racing an electric motorbike at the Isle of Man TTXGP.
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