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Bike testing videos at Jurby, 2009 TTXGP Isle of Man, published by the TTXGP organization

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The track at Jurby is used by TT racers for testing the bikes. These videos show TTXGP bike tests at Jurby. These videos include Agni Motors, XXL Rading, Brammo, Native Motorcycles, ManTTX. Plus there is bonus commentary by a couple track marshals who came to Jurby to see what all the fuss is about.
Cedric Lynch, Arvind, and Rob Barber talks about the Agni X01
Rob Barber tests the Agni X01 at Jurby Airfield - 5th * 6th June 2009
Two TT & MGP marshalls turned up at Jurby Airfield to see the electric bikes. They gave their views.
5th June 2009 - Jurby, Isle of Man - Thomas Schoenfelder has a quick test ride on his XXL Racing Team Electric Motorbike.
Mark Buckley and Roy Richardson ride the Brammo motorbike at Jurby Airfield
Brammo Electric Motorcycle Rider Mark Buckley talks about Brammo and the TTXGP
Chris Heath rides the electric motorcycle built by todd and co. at Jurby Airfield
Keith McKay is Team Leader for ManTTX - the Isle of Man's entry into the TTXGP. He talks about his bike - The ManTTX X2.
Keith McKay rides the ManTTX X2 Electric Motorbike at Jurby Airfield. This is only a short test run at half pace as there are still some issues that need ironing out.
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