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The Home Electrical - a 1915 film about electric devices by General Electric

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In the early 1900's electrical devices were the new thing, and the population needed to be convinced about the advantages. The prevailing technology was powered by coal, or natural gas, or kerosene, or manual labor, and our ancestors were likely just as skeptical about electric devices as todays car owners are skeptical about electric cars. This film obviously introduces folks electricity to folks who are unfamiliar with it.

The Home Electrical - a 1915 film about electric devices by General Electric

This 1915 silent movie shows the wonders of electrically powered devices, from an electric car to a vacuum cleaner (with its motor in the basement) to a sewing machine and more. In that time frame everything was typically coal or natural gas or kerosene or manual labor. The electrical gadgets we take for granted today would have been like magic, just as the simple electrical gadgets shown in this film were a great advance for that time.

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