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Kleenspeed sets electric car lap-time record at Sonoma Raceway

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In September 2012, Sonoma Raceway (previously known as Infineon Raceway) held an event focusing on Sustainable Performance, namely what electric vehicles have the best performance and hence will be attractive to fast drivers. At that event Kleenspeed (at the time still an active company developing electric drive train technology) brought its EV-X11 electric racecar to the track to set a lap speed record. The company had previously set lap-speed records at Laguna Seca International Raceway during a REFUEL event.

All-electric racer sets Sonoma track record

Proving that speed doesn't have to come from gas-powered cars, Kleenspeed's EV-X11 set a track record for an electric vehicle at California's Sonoma raceway.
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