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Chip Yates on bringing an electric superbike from concept to reality

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In 2009-10 Chip Yates had intended to join the 2010 TTXGP North America series but did not do so. These videos document the progression from concept up until the first test on a race track at Infineon Raceway (now known as Sonoma Raceway) in December 2010. That test was in preparation for his scheduled WERA race where he would go head-to-head with gasoline powered motorcycles, Chip Yates on a first race of electric superbike against gassers

SWIGZ Electric Superbike - Concept to Reality

The incredible journey of the SWIGZ.COM Pro Racing volunteer team to create the world's most powerful electric superbike from the ground up. On their own terms, and within the span of just 12 months, three volunteer engineers and a group of sponsors were able to take on and beat gas powered superbikes!

Chip Yates Electric Superbike 2010 Program!

AMA and FIM Pro Racer Chip Yates has launched a new team, hiring on talented MIT Electrical Engineers from the Unmanned helicopter industry to design and build an Electric Superbike to win in the 2010 World Electric Championship!

First Dyno Run of SWIGZ.COM Pro Racing Electric Superbike

The is footage from the spy cam in the dyno chamber during the first ever dyno run of the world's most powerful electric superbike. The real dyno pull starts at around 45 or 46 seconds into the video and the bike overpowers the dyno - basically smoking the rear tire. Chip Yates pictured.

The Battery Show Unveiling Video

Chip Yates KNTV Interview 1

Chip Yates KNTV Interview 2


Dyno Walk

Dyno Walk

160 miles/hr Dyno

First test at Infineon

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