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Cross-section view of the Brammo Empulse R - Tech Overview!

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The Empulse R was Brammo's foray into highway-speed mass production electric motorcycles. The company had built a lower-speed electric motorcyle which could barely go on the highway, and they'd developed a ultra-high-power bikes (the Empulse RR) of which a total of two were ever built. This video (from March 2014) goes over the Empulse R components using the cutaway bike they'd built for CES 2014.

Brammo Empulse Cutaway - Tech Overview!

Curious about all of the inner workings of a high performance Electric Motorcycle? Ever wonder how many battery cells it takes to power the ultimate street-fighter? Now you can watch Brammo's Brian Wismann dissect the high-tech inner workings of the award winning Brammo Empulse! From Battery cells to electronic controllers to a powerful electric motor, Brian breaks down these components and more, up close and personal.

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