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      • Brammo
        • Original (2010) Brammo Empulse launch video In 2010 Brammo announced the Empulse would deliver 100+ miles/hr and 100+ miles range in 2011 for under $10,000. If they'd delivered this, Zero would have been blown out of the water. Instead Brammo delivered a different bike at a higher price a couple years later, and eventually Brammo went out of business. This 2010 video shows what Brammo had in mind.
        • Test drive-review of the 2014 Brammo Empulse R, with Eric Bostrom to explain what is new After 70 miles of hard canyon riding in canyons outside Los Angeles, the guys (Troy Saiahan and Eric Bostrom) found they could keep up with the 600cc sport bikes, and ride all day without thermal cutbacks. That is a big improvement over previous models where thermals were a big concern. The transmission in the 2014 model is a lot smoother than a couple years before.
        • Cross-section view of the Brammo Empulse R - Tech Overview! The Empulse R was Brammo's foray into highway-speed mass production electric motorcycles. The company had built a lower-speed electric motorcyle which could barely go on the highway, and they'd developed a ultra-high-power bikes (the Empulse RR) of which a total of two were ever built. This video (from March 2014) goes over the Empulse R components using the cutaway bike they'd built for CES 2014.
        • Brammo's Empulse R, review by Translogic Brammo first developed the Brammo RR, then developed the Empulse R using lessons learned from developing the RR. This video goes over the Empulse TTX, the race version of the Empulse R. The presenter goes to the Brammo production facility in Ashland Oregon, and features plenty of behind the scenes footage of the place as well as interviews with both Craig Bramscher and Brian Wismann.
        • 2016 Victory Empulse TT test drive review How far can you go on one charge with a 2016 Empulse TT? Tested by visiting vegitarian burrito places across the Los Angeles area. The Victory Empulse is a rebadged Brammo Empulse, after Polaris (corporate parent of Victory Motorcycles) bought out Brammo's assets. The Empulse TT was meant to be a race version of the Empulse, originally developed for TTXGP racing.
        • LA Times interviews of Brammo Empulse at time of May 2012 launch In May 2012, Brammo finally revealed the Empulse after delaying it for a year to slip in a 6-speed transmission. This interview with LA Times reporter Susan Carpenter is a good overview of the bike. It also gives Brian Wismann a chance to explain the inclusion of the 6-speed transmission -- not only does it give motorcyclists the expected transmission, it gives a little more oomph off the line.
        • Brammo rides from Detroit to Washington DC on electric motorcycles to catch Barack Obama's attention In 2008 the auto industry nearly crashed and went out of business. During that fiasco, the auto industry CEO's first flew to Washington DC to beg for money but were sent packing because they'd flown on private jets. Later they returned by car as a show of saving money. In October 2009, Brammo recreated that road trip using an electric motorcycle. Brian Wismann and Dave Schiff rode from Detroit to Washington DC, to raise awareness for home-grown clean energy solutions.
      • Comparing Brammo and Zero
        • Comparing 2013 Zero S against 2013 Brammo Empulse R This test-drive-review-video by Motorcycle.com compares the two leading electric motorcycles of 2013, the 2013 Zero S and the 2013 Brammo Empulse R. The first contrast made is to claim the Zero is simpler, no transmission etc means that someone can just get on and ride, while the Empulse R requires more involvement from the rider due to the transmission. Brammo has an advantage in charging time due to built-in J1772 port and 3 kW charging, versus the Zero having built-in 120 volt charging at 1 kW. The Empulse in that era had a beefier controller than did the Zero S, it wasn't until one or two years later that Zero started supplying a beefier controller in the Zero SR model. Bottom line, the Zero is a better commuter bike while the Brammo is a better sport bike.
      • Lightning Motorcycle
        • Lightning Motorcycle in 2011 discussing plans for 2012 racing season and electric superbike production The Lightning Electric Superbike is by some measures the fastest electric motorcycle in the world. In 2011 they set a land speed record of 215 miles per hour at the Bonneville Salt Flats, which is pretty darned fast -- especially considering this is a street-legal motorcycle, not a special-purpose land speed racer motorcycle. This video was made at the <em>Long Beach Progressive international motorcycle Show</em> and has Lightning CEO Richard Hatfield discussing the specifications of the bike, their racing plans for the 2012 season, and plans for bringing the motorcycle to production.
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