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Rich Rebuilds interviews by Vice Motherboard about the Right to Repair and Tesla cars

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The Right to Repair is an important piece of law, as it enables hobbyist repair and upgrade of cars and all kinds of other gadgets. Unfortunately, Tesla Motors throws roadblocks in the way of folks who would repair or upgrade Tesla vehicles. This video showcases one guy who specializes in rebuilding wrecked Tesla cars, and is rather obsessed (by his own admission) with the goal of the freedom to repair or upgrade these cars. It is not just cars, but all kinds of products, where we could repair rather than throw away, and it is not just Tesla, since many companies also throw roadblocks in the way of those of us who would repair the gadgets we own.

The Rogue Tesla Mechanic Resurrecting Salvaged Cars

Rich is a car enthusiast whose passion is to find wrecked Teslas, bring them back to life, and then share his repair adventures on his YouTube channel Rich Rebuilds. When he found out that Tesla would not service or support his salvaged cars, he took it upon himself to scour the internet and harvest working parts from several busted Teslas. He Frankensteined them together until his creations were fully operational, at a fraction of what it would cost to buy a new or certified pre-owned Tesla.

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