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  • Autonomous vehicle technology going into weapons systems: Many people are looking forward to self driving cars, presumably so they can play on Facebook with their mobile phones without worrying about hitting the cars around them. But the same technology is going into other sorts of vehicles. Autonomous vehicle technology is being put into weapons systems -- if I read correctly between the lines of this contact from a recuiter.
  • Volvo Cars to supply tens of thousands of autonomous-drive-compatible cars to Uber:

    Uber is taking a step closer to eliminating those pesky humans driving cars for Uber. Volvo is supplying a fleet of cars to Uber, which Uber will use to develop self-driving cars. At the same time Volvo will use the same base vehicle for its own autonomous car development work. What Uber looks to do is to develop cars that drive themselves around a city, so that Uber doesn't have to hire humans to do that work.