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  • BMW I Ventures announces strategic investment in Proterra <p>Proterra has been raising lots of investment capital the last few months. </p>
  • With 73-bus sale to King County, Proterra says electric buses are now mainstream <p>King County Metro, in the Seattle area, has announced they will purchase 73 Proterra electric buses. For its part, Proterra claims this is "the moment when batter-electric buses crossed over to mainstream acceptance." The advantage an electric bus brings is fuel cost reduction. The cost for electricity-as-a-fuel is lower than the cost of diesel-as-a-fuel in equivalent vehicles. The more the vehicle is driven, the greater the gain from fuel cost savings, and since city buses obviously drive a lot there's a big opportunity to save on costs. See <a href="/ev-ownership/economics/cost-per-mile-range.html"></a></p>