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  • Cummins Announces Acquisition of Electric and Hybrid Powertrain Provider Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. Acquisition Will Accelerate Electrification Capabilities Cummins is continuing its move into clean energy technology by acquiring Efficient Drivetrains, Inc., a manufacturer of hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric drive trains for commercial trucks. Cummins is of course a large manufacturer of big trucks, and is looking to shift towards clean fuels away from the Diesel fuel that normally powers the industry. Earlier Cummins acquired <a href="/news/2017/10/cummins-brammo.html">Brammo, a manufacturer of electric motorcycles and energy storage systems,</a> and <a href="/news/2018/01/cummins-batteries.html">Johnson Matthey's battery business.</a> Another related announcement is <a href="/news/2017/10/cummins-electric-bus.html">that Cummins is developing both battery-electric and plug-in hybrid drive trains for transit busses.</a>
  • KmanAuto's spy shots of the Tesla Semi drive train <p>Last week Tesla Motors unveiled the Tesla Semi, and in a "one-more-thing" moment, they also unveiled the Tesla Roadster2. The Semi is perhaps the more important vehicle, and in any case the guy behind the KmanAuto YouTube channel was at the unveiling, and managed to sneak underneath the truck to take this video. The drive train - motors, gearboxes, wiring, etc - was all exposed underneath the truck, and Kman was able to post this 5-minute video tour of the parts. In a second video he demonstrated that the charging port is NOT the same as a Supercharger port, meaning it's gonna be a different charging cable and connector for the MegaCharger.</p>