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  • Ecotricity - Green Gas - Industrial scale biomass replacement for natural gas: Clean electricity from Solar or Wind is great but it doesn't power natural gas fired stoves or heaters. It isn't entirely feasible to replace those with electric stoves or heaters, creating a problem of getting a clean renewable fuel that's equivalent to natural gas. Ecotricity has developed a biomass system fed with regular grass, that can grow on marginal land, producing renewable methane gas that is clean enough to go into the natural gas grid. Any longer continuation of natural gas to fuel industry or homes requires either fracking (which is horrendous) or some kind of biomass solution.
  • What becoming 'carbon neutral' means to Volkswagen - Why it's the only way forward: As Volkswagen says all these heart-warming things, that we must stop avoiding the question of climate change and move on to action, we have to remember the recent history of the Volkswagen Group. What VW says in this press release is very nice, to be sure. A few years ago VW was caught red handed cheating on emissions testing. They had rigged the Volkswagen TDI drive train to operate in a super-clean mode while under emissions testing, and to operate in a "normal" (hence polluting) mode in normal operation. VW had to deliver on the Fahrvergnügen promise (German for driving enjoyment). As a result VW has had to pay steep fines, several executives have gone to jail, and suddenly the VW Group is more interested in electric vehicles than before. If that's what it takes to make progress, so be it.