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Denmark aiming to get 100% of its energy from wind and solar power

; Date: April 20, 2018

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Samso Denmark was the first island powered 100% on renewable energy. They started with wind turbines, lots of them, and produce an excess of wind energy all year long, bringing money to the island. For heating they grow straw, that's burned in centralized boiler plants to send hot water around the island. Denmark as a whole is building massive offshore wind parks. A third of commutes are by bicycle, and there is a tax credit for electric vehicles.

How Denmark aims to run on clean energy - YouTube

Source: (www.youtube.com) PBS NewsHour

In Denmark, officials have taken strides to minimize the effects of climate change by converting from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources like wind and ...

Denmark is Riding the Winds of Change - YouTube

Source: (www.youtube.com) Journeyman Pictures

Winds of Change (2009): For similar stories, see: Denmark's Green Revolution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kannpFj0_IM Could the African Desert Hold the So...

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