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US Dept of Energy has NOT canceled the 2017 Solar Decathlon

; Date: July 26, 2017

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The Solar Decathlon is a yearly contest held by the US Department of Energy. They line up University teams to each develop a solar-powered high efficiency house. For the contest, each team must develop and build the house on their campus, disassemble it, transport the house to the contest site, reassemble it for the contest, then after the contest is finished to disassemble the house, and transport it back to their campus. The contest encourages lots of cross-field development work, covering 10 areas (hence, a Decathlon), and acts as a job training exercise for the students.

The big point is that even though the Trump Administration is pushing all things fossil fuels, the US Department of Energy has not canceled this contest. The contest is all about solar power and energy efficiency, but they're letting it proceed as planned. Hurm...

See: (www.solardecathlon.gov) https://www.solardecathlon.gov/2017/competition.html

And: (www.solardecathlon.gov) https://www.solardecathlon.gov/

Energy Talks - Solar Decathlon: Bright Futures Built Here - YouTube

Source: (www.youtube.com) U.S. Department of Energy

Linda Silverman discusses the past, present, and future of the Solar Decathlon. --- Subscribe so you don't miss a video http://youtube.com/energygov Check ou...

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