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Converting a 60 kWh Tesla Model S to 75 kWh in under 5 minutes

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Upgrading the electric car battery capacity sounds like it would require a trip to a service station, putting the car on a lift, and a couple hours to swap the battery packs. A newly released video shows the process to upgrade a Tesla Model S 60D to a Model S 75D. Instead of shop time, all that's required is tapping a PURCHASE button on a web page, and a $2000 payment. Within a couple minutes the car gets a software download, the infotainment system reboots, and all the screens start saying '75D' instead of '60D'. It doesn't, though, change the badge on the back of the car.

Model S 60d to 75d upgrade: real time no edits - YouTube

Source: (www.youtube.com) Eddie Daniels

Elon Musk got myself (and I'm sure a bunch of others) to upgrade the capacity of their vehicle this morning with a massive price cut to the upgrade! This is ...
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