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Winter test of the VW eGolf 24 kWh - Bjorn Nyland

; Date: February 10, 2017

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Bjorn Nyland puts the eGolf through its paces in the Norway winter.

#36 Winter test of VW e Golf 24 kWh part 2 - YouTube

Source: (www.youtube.com) Bjørn Nyland

Second and last part of the long road trip in e-Golf. In this part I travel north to Hamar and then via Gjøvik and back to Oslo. I delivered some items and t...

VW e-Golf first impressions (rambling) - YouTube

Source: (www.youtube.com) Bjørn Nyland

My first drive of the Volkswagen e-Golf. During this rambling video I give you guys my first impressions of the car. And naturally, I talk a lot about Hyunda...
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